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That Time Francis Chan Lied to The Gospel Coalition …

Given all that was said about Bible college and seminary education in yesterday’s post, I think it’s appropriate to share a lesson from Francis with you.

I love this man and his teaching here illustrates one of the reasons why: he’s honest enough to admit he’s still a work in progress just like you and me.

In this lesson Francis talks about how dumb he was sometimes made to feel in seminary and how that caused him problems later in life. Not too many years ago he presented an academic paper at a major conference that he hadn’t written but passed off as his own because he wanted to appear smart, only it turned out to be a disaster.

It was so “heady” he didn’t even know what the paper was talking about in places, and nobody told him there would be a Q & A session after his presentation. He couldn’t answer the questions, was found out and pretty much humiliated in front of a group of famous Bible scholars and pastors!

I’m glad he shared about this, because I too struggle with insecurity, wanting to be liked and thought of as smart to the point that it’s sinful. His words are a great reminder how silly pursuits driven by insecurity really are.

The lesson is about 50 minutes long but well worth your time and the story is hilarious.


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