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Francis Chan: Are you ‘protecting’ your church from a movement of God?

This is a clip from the 2013 Tulsa Workshop in which Francis briefly talks about meeting me in San Francisco and the negative experience we had with the church I used to work with. I tell that story in this post. Order the full version of Francis’ lesson from the 2013 Tulsa Workshop here. . Related Articles: […]

David Platt: ‘What is a Biblical Response to the Gospel?’ Answer: Calvinism?

Well known Reformed Southern Baptist pastor David Platt caused a stir last year by criticizing the sinner’s prayer – the traditional prayer most Baptists (and several other groups) teach new believers to pray to “accept Christ.” At that time David passionately pointed out that the practice is not in the Bible, that our role is […]

New Wineskins: Disciplemaking and the Vanity of the Status Quo

This article was originally published in New Wineskins. I sat across the table from a pastor friend listening as he told a story. “I had this youth minister growing up named Stan. Stan wasn’t the most eloquent guy. You’d never see him headlining a conference, read a book he’s written, or hear about him at […]

A Tremendously Blown Opportunity to Work with Francis Chan

Confession time: I serve in church leadership, and I want people to like me. Do you? Because that can actually be a dangerous combination. No, I don’t mean that church leaders should aspire to be jerks (though some wouldn’t have to try very hard), nor do I mean that a desire to be liked is inherently […]

What Today’s Jesus Followers Should Learn from the Early Martyrs

Did you know early believers were persecuted for being atheists? They were. Since the early Christians refused to believe or acknowledge the Roman gods, the primary charge against them was one of atheism, and in Roman culture that was a serious matter. You see, the Romans were a very pious people who (unlike the Greeks) […]


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