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5 Common Myths about the Great Commission by Joey Shaw


I ran across an outstanding article today on vergenetwork.org entitled 5 Common Myths about the Great Commission by Joey Shaw.

Here’s my favorite excerpt:

The most interesting thing about the Great Commission is that it does not command us to make converts of Christianity. Instead, we are to make disciples of Jesus. The difference between convert making and disciple making is crucial. Converts change religions. Disciples change masters. Converts follow a system. Disciples follow a Person. Converts build Christendom. Disciples build the Kingdom of God. Converts embrace rituals. Disciples embrace a way of life. Converts love the command to “baptize them” in the Great Commission, but that is all. Disciples baptize others but only in context of “teaching them to observe all that I commanded you.” Converts love conversion. Disciples love transformation.

Amen, amen, amen.

Give Joey’s article a look yourself by by clicking here. It’s a brief, but insightful read anyone passionate about the Great Commission will enjoy.


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