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Hi jane and you are exactly right though god would …

Comment on What’s the Difference Between the Old Covenant & New Covenant in the Bible? by gilan.

hi jane and you are exactly right though god would love for us to worship him everyday he know man has to make a living, work etc..the ceremonial sabbaths were laws given during the mosiac law but THE SABBATH was given since the beginning even before it was called a sabbath he still rested the &th day and since adam and eve were harmonious with god at all times (before the fall) they did the same..the commandments were written in stone and are never changing..even christ said i came not to do away with the law but fulfill it and in matthew he said in no way til heaven and earth passes shall on jot or tittle be taken or added the commandments n law..and honestly its all thru the bible that god never changed anything but only made it better n easier when christ came so dont let anyone defer you from the truth and dont listen to man made theories n doctrine because the father in heaves word and truth is right there in your face and remember hes not gonna say one thing then change it up all crazy all of a sudden with no explanation because he is not the author of confusion 1 corn 14:11..take care 🙂

gilan Also Commented

What’s the Difference Between the Old Covenant & New Covenant in the Bible?
Yes Brian I agree so we can agree to disagree and its funny the very things you accuse me of you are doin exactly the same lol hilarious the only difference is I can admit to mine can you..but I understand this is what people do when they really have nothing of value to say..they judge and attack..I’m not here to hold your hand I was simply if u really wanted facts about what the bible stated on the matter we were debating was goin to show you but just as I saw u backed off so did I cause as we both can see this is a waste of time so have a blessed year goodbye there is no need to discuss this any longer I’m sure even the wisest person may not be able to convince u or at least spark your mind simply because you made up ur mind on what u want to believe..have a blessed year

What’s the Difference Between the Old Covenant & New Covenant in the Bible?
and p.s. i am willing to learn truth as long as it isn’t bull or opinion .you know satan also comes as a wolf in sheep clothing so we have to be careful were not being led of his doctrine. Hes very good at twisting the bible he knows it front to back he just doesn’t follow it :).Also may i add so you don’t think a church led me to this conclusion…I never even knew about a Sabbath day for a long time. I went to church on sunday..followed the pastors interpretation of things..did everything all the other Christians did.. many of them religious may i add not spiritual, but its funny when you pray, fast, ask god to give you guidance and revelation and read the bible for yourself..ihe leads you to a whole other story..I am sure you can understand everything im saying if you just read it..Im not trying to be grammatically correct just trying to make a point and i have constantly made references to scrpiture with all of what i said based on my thesis but you must of read around all that when you already made up in your mind to disagree with anything i said just based on our argument alone and honestly it wouldn’t matter how may scriptures i put up because it seems you already made up your mind on how you feel..there were plenty of people i saw in the blog that gave you scripture after scripture supporting evidence of the sabbath but you went around it and summed up your own interpretations so in the end does it really matter? so god bless n take care

What’s the Difference Between the Old Covenant & New Covenant in the Bible?
and your going around the point, choosing to accept the bible as you see fit and what fits your schedule instead of SIMPLY TAKING responsibly accepting the truth and just taking responsibility if you choose to live by that truth or not..dont make god out to be hypocrite or the bible contradicting just because it doesn’t suit your ideas and dont try to sum me up in a nutshell just because i don’t go along your protocol..you obviously are confused and mixing things up from other sources and the bible instead of just focusing on strictly scripture…i wish you the best and hopefully youll pray and god will show you revelation of his word if your willing to accept it..quite frankly honestly just on a cautions standpoint alone and im goin to leave off with this..rather the sabbath is still in existence and still apart of the commandments that god gives us to obey or not which CHANCE would you rather take..if its done away with then were good and if i choose to make a certain day a special day with god he wont penalize me for it BUT if it just so happens that the sabbath is still a commandment better yet a perpetual covenant (a forever bond or agreement) throughout the generations(their children’s children and so on) between god’s people (Israel aka anyone who receives jesus in new covenant) and him as a sign that they may know he is the lord their god and they are his children (read exodus 31;16) well you get the point..youll pretty much have to explain to father who wont be to happy with you why you denied his commandment…and im not just defending just the sabbath im defending ALL things that is of god that people try to twist..so with that im done..take care and what ever happens is between you and the father because we will all be judged for what we do on this earth and we will be held accountable for knowing his word but purposely rejecting it..



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