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The bible is the story of the double-twin wtihin us. …

Comment on What’s the Difference Between the Old Covenant & New Covenant in the Bible? by laura.

the bible is the story of the double-twin wtihin us. first the man of earth-law-human nature- vengence eye for an eye judgmental, unforgiving, 2nd man of spirit, who disires to do good and disires to live the divine law. both are still struggling with law. Man of flesh & man of Spirit. the double is all through the bible… Adam-eve, ishmeal-isaac, 2 nations, 2 sticks, 2 people struggling within her, 7 heads & 10 horns, man of earth- man of heaven, Esua:red- Jacob: deceived, tree of knowledge-tree of life, Jew-Gentile, old test. -new test. Mt. Sina-Mt. Zion, Hagar- Sarah ect…. What I understand is that we first need the written word to learn how to know the ways of God who is spirit and how to connect to Spirit since we are born into flesh and blood by what we see, feel and touch, and hear. Christ is the word of God that is the living visual of what we must do in order to know the Divine spirit of God dwellling within us. to know how to discern the Holy Spirit dwelling within apart from the carnal nature that speaks loudly within. We must go throug a death of all we have known, the written word-law-flesh-10 horns-earthly realm and the human wisdom-7heads-blood-all the voices of humanity that have shaped our understanding & our will to purely hear the divine voice of God- the living word, sword of the Spirit, fountain within us. As you surrender the written word to hear His voice, as jesus said, I must go (the word of god in the flesh) so that the Spirit may come and he will remind you of what we-written word, have talked about. 2nd covenant- I will write my law-word on your heart and mind. the letter: “written word, scirptures” kill but the Spirit- living voice of God dwelling within gives life. meaning that when we try to apply the law-bible to what we see and how we are personally convicted to other people and situations, we are limited not knowing the personal divine will of God in that particular situation and purpose of God. God says He created all things and all exist for His purpose. So when we see judgment, He sees purpose. That is why in the garden He said, if you eat of the tree of knowledge you MUST SURELY DIE…. meaning once you read the written word-law you must lay it down to live to hear the voice of God. Romans says, we are all to die to the word to live to God and that it was meant as a tutor. I still refer the word of God in writing but first I listen for God and HE APPLIES THE WRITTEN WORD to affirm His voice to me. Daniel 9:11 the curses are poured out because we do not HEAR HIS VOICE. Revel 9:11 he has a destroyer over his head = his carnal -human mind ruling him rather than the Spirit mind of God ruling us. 911- the destruction of the ‘TWIN TOWERS” ON CHURCH STREET. Amost 9:11 the purpose of destruction is to REBUILD DAVID: LOVE.
God has been saying all through events and signs and scripture we are close to an amazing time, but the birthing pains must happen in the earth. bible says, you enter the kigndom of heaven through many tribulations,…. so rejoice. God doesn’t want to rule his people through law, but through intimate relationship of us knowing His heart and mind, and the power of His spirit dwelling wihin us. all the battles fo the laws, in the middle east and the U.S. are symbolic of God saying He is getting ready to move by the Spirit not by the law. There word is first of earthly interpretation and then of spiritual interpretation.
Mark of the beast 666 = 66 books of the bible-written law,+ “man” -carnal mind, man created on 6th day, = 666. Those marked by forehead= by how they think and those marked on the hand= by what they do= those operating in the written law-flesh and human wisdom are 666. They must trade or sell their mark for the refined gold, human wealth of wisdom that has gone through fire to be refined gold- the mind that is refined through fire. Romans 12:2 transformed by the renewing of our mind. romans 12:2= 2012 bakcwards, when most people went through amazing trials that truly transformed their thinking. hope this helps with what pieces you find connect as truth.



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