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Comment on What’s the Difference Between the Old Covenant & New Covenant in the Bible? by rdm88@airmail.net.

unable to download Jack McKinney handout – “site not found”.
This is not meant to be contentious in any way. Where do you see the Bible diving the law into 3 parts. It never makes that distinction in scripture that I can see. It says clearly in Rom 7 that the believer has died to the law – no distinction as to any particular part, thus, it must mean we died to the entire law? Or, said another way, the believer now has no relationship to the law. It clearly says in 1 Tim 1:9 that the law is NOT for the righteous. Again, doesn’t distinguish any part of the law.
The phrase “Old Testament” is found in only one verse of scripture. Testament is same word that could be translated as “covenant” as I understand it. Question – what is being referred to as the old covenant? Is it just the Mosaic Law? Are non-believers under the old covenant today? I’m really trying to get a handle on how all the covenants, esp Old and New fit together, as I see this as critical to understanding the entire Bible. Your help would be appreciated. I would also like the read the above referenced article if you have it.
Sincerely, Rick

rdm88@airmail.net Also Commented

What’s the Difference Between the Old Covenant & New Covenant in the Bible?
Thanks for your reply Wes.
As to “parts” of the Law – man divided it, not God. The believer is dead to ALL of the Law. The Law is still alive and necessary to bring the unbeliever to faith in Christ. We NOW live by faith, not by Law. Living by law (any part of it) equals death. Death is the absence of life. Jesus is life. Living by Law results in not experiencing the Life of Christ; not that we don’t have His life (that’s forever), but that we don’t experience His life. Living by any Law, Biblical or those we put our self under (I must have a 30 min. quiet time, memorize 1 verse of scripture/day, go to church every Sunday morning/evening, give 10%, etc) causes one to focus on self – am I keeping the Law, am I doing enough, am I doing as well as the guy in the pew across the isle, etc. The mind set on the flesh is death. We are to set our minds on things above!

Thanks again for your comments Wes. Still like to hear your thoughts on what is actually meant by the Old Covenant.



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