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Good post, Wes. I share your view of the …

Comment on What’s the Difference Between the Old Covenant & New Covenant in the Bible? by Greg.

Good post, Wes. I share your view of the differences between the old and new covenants. About the only thing I disagree with is the ministerial bullet you quoted from that handout. If Moses was the minister of the Old Covenant, that made God’s laws known to His people, then it should be the Holy Spirit that is the minister of the New Covenant, since He is the only One that can write them into our hearts.

Although the disciples are great examples for us to follow, remember that they were fearful and doubting, until the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit filled them with courage, righteousness, and understanding. We need to remember Who made them great, and that we can be on the same level as them, even higher.

Through His death on the cross, Jesus opened the way for anyone to enter the Holy of Holies, not just the high priest. While in Moses’ time, he was the mediary between God and men, now Jesus acts as our mediary, providing us direct access to God. He truly is wonderful!



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