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Well, thanks for your words above, but I can’t ignore …

Comment on The Significance of Names in the Bible by Lenn Uwland.

Well, thanks for your words above, but I can’t ignore the one thing most important, but false in the text you wrote. The Jewish Messiah’s name was Yeshua. “Jesus” is the Hellenized-Anglicized form of “Yeshua”. “Jesus” doesn’t have a meaning, while Yeshua means “Salvation”. Yeshua had never heard of the name “Jesus” in His lifetime. I’m not sure why this is translated wrongly during time, but a name is important. I think most Christians underestimate the value of a name. My gut-feeling says, Satan is responsible for changing the name we use for Yeshua, through out society. By using the name Jesus we don’t use the name Yeshua; what could have great impact. I we say ‘In the name of Jesus’, we’re not saying ‘In the name of Yeshua’ and we miss the power that’s in the TRUE name of Yeshua. In 2 Tim 3:3-4 we are warned about false doctrine, false teaching.. I think this is one of the false teaching.



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