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I’m curious – what names do you believe God gave …

Comment on The Significance of Names in the Bible by WesWoodell.

I’m curious – what names do you believe God gave His church that we are to use?

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Q1: Should new ministers attend Bible College or Seminary?
Hey, thanks for the feedback, Paul.

I took a dozen online courses at Fuller Seminary, and my experience couldn’t have been more different than that of the students you reference – mine was great.

Those online courses were some of the best courses overall I had, and a big part of the experience was the interaction at a distance with other students around the world online (that was actually a graded portion of the course). I personally feel I learned more in my online courses than I did in others. Maybe Fuller does a better job in that area than other institutions do currently? That’s my only experience so I honestly don’t know.

I do believe the technology and methods used in online education will only get better with time, and I think we’re still learning best practices. It’d be a mistake to write the online option off in my opinion. I think there’s great untapped potential there that could offer a solid solution for a lot of people.

David Platt: ‘What is a Biblical Response to the Gospel?’ Answer: Calvinism?
Thanks Cary – I haven’t watched the vid, but I did do some more digging and found an article David penned in response to the heat he took for his comments last year. It provided some clarity for me that I thought I’d already gotten, but it appears the sources I read before may have been spurious (at least according to David). I’ve updated the post.

David Platt: ‘What is a Biblical Response to the Gospel?’ Answer: Calvinism?
Everytime Paul brings up “works” in the NT he is specifically addressing a Jew/Gentile issue. For Paul, “works” is synonymous with “works of the Mosaic Law”. However, for Luther and other reformers “works” came to be synonymous with “any righteous works”.

Baptism may be passive in that it is something done to an individual, but the commitment one is making to follow Jesus for life is anything but. I believe God expects us to work with the Holy Spirit in the salvific process. Through Jesus salvation is available to all willing to surrender to and follow Him. We choose whether we will do that or not, and baptism is the first step in doing so.

David Platt: ‘What is a Biblical Response to the Gospel?’ Answer: Calvinism?
And to that I say, “Yep.” 🙂

A Tremendously Blown Opportunity to Work with Francis Chan
We need a new leadership paradigm – I do not believe the eldership model of the typical CoC is biblical and will be writing about that in next month’s New Wineskins. And Francis is a good man with a wonderful family.It was cool getting to spend a little time with them.



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